Community Orders

When young people first get into trouble, they can usually be dealt with outside of the court system, using a range of restorative approaches. This is to stop young people entering the youth justice system too early. Offering them the help and support they need to stop offending.

Referral Order

A Referral Order is usually made when a young person appears in court for the first time.

Most young people will get a Referral Order for their first convicted offence.

They will agree a Contract of Change to improve their behaviour and make amends to the victims of their crime, who might also be invited to attend the meetings.


Youth Rehabilitation Order (YRO)
When a young person is placed under YRO supervision, they must attend regular appointments with professional staff from the YJS or other services. Every young person under a YRO will complete an agreed programme of work to help them to stay out of trouble and make better choices.

Intensive Supervision & Surveillance (ISS)
The Intensive Supervision & Surveillance (ISS) Programme is a special sentence for serious or prolific young offenders who are at risk of being sent to custody. Supervision is provided 365 days a year, often outside of office hours and at weekends, so that we can respond to the needs of young people and minimise the risk they may pose to others.

Parenting Order
If your child commits an offence an order could be given to parents (even if they do not live together), step parents, guardians, or carers. A Parenting Order consists of an assessment, and parenting programme/counselling for a maximum of 3 months. This may be delivered on an individual basis, or in some areas there are Group Parenting Programmes available.

What are volunteers?

There are a wide range of opportunities within the North Yorkshire Youth Justice Service (YJS) for volunteers to become involved and gain experience and understanding of the work carried out by the YJS.

North Yorkshire YJS has approximately 60 volunteers across the county about 30 in the western part which includes Harrogate, Skipton and Northallerton and 30 in the east part which includes Scarborough and Selby.

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