Custodial sentences are rarely used for young offenders in North Yorkshire. Around 95% of youth convictions result in a community-based supervision or orders. In very serious cases or where many offences have been committed, Youth Courts can serve a Detention and Training Order for up to 2 years and Crown Courts can make sentences of any length, including Life Terms.

Courts must always think very carefully before making a custodial sentence. The Youth Justice Service will provide a Pre-Sentence Report (PSR) to help them do this. The PSR sets out the main risks and needs of the young person, and describes alternative measures which may be available to the Court.

If the Court decides that a Detention and Training Order must be made, then the young person is taken to a secure establishment. They will serve around half of their sentence in custody, followed by a period of supervision in the community.

Most custodial sentences give young people the chance to have training, education and recreation during their sentence. Young people will have the chance to earn privileges and possibly be released early if they engage and respond well to what is asked of them.

Youth Justice Service staff often visit young people during their sentence and help them to plan for their release. Parents and carers are also encouraged to attend Sentence Planning Meetings.


There are a wide range of opportunities within the North Yorkshire Youth Justice Service (YJS) for volunteers to become involved and gain experience and understanding of the work carried out by the YJS.

North Yorkshire YJS has approximately 60 volunteers across the county about 30 in the western part which includes Harrogate, Skipton and Northallerton and 30 in the east part which includes Scarborough and Selby.

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