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A victim's guide to restorative justice from Restorative Justice Council.

Restorative Justice

Our aim is to prevent and reduce offending by young people in our area. We believe the best way to do this is to make sure young people who commit crimes are encouraged to take responsibility for the harm and loss they have caused their victims. RJ allows the offender to make amends to their victim and/or the community. We put support in place so victims can meet with their offender to explain the real impact of the crime. Victims of crime who decide to take part will have their needs and wishes taken into account and will be fully supported in any choices they make. Participation in the process is completely voluntary.

As a victim how could this help me?

RJ gives you, the victim a chance to ask the offender questions or tell them how their criminal behavior has affected you. It can help you to gain closure and have peace of mind. It can also be an opportunity to have put right damage caused due to the offences you’ve suffered. Government research demonstrates that restorative justice provides an 85% victim satisfaction rate and a 14% reduction in the frequency of reoffending.


In the majority of cases you will be contacted by your local Victim Liaison Officer. They will provide information about the outcome of the case. You will then be offered the opportunity to participate in the Restorative Justice Process. This could include one or more of the following, receiving a letter of apology from the young person. A face to face meeting with the offender to inform them what affect the offence had on you. If you do not wish to meet the offender, your views can be represented by the Victim Liaison Officer, who will support and inform you throughout the process. You may wish to consider the type of reparation the young person should carry out, the reparation could be for you (direct reparation) or for the wider community (indirect).

Further information & Support

Victim Support (North Yorkshire) can be contacted on 01904 669276 should you require their Services or further Support.

If you are victim or witness in a forthcoming Court Case, useful information is available from Supporting Victims North Yorkshire.

The National Victim Support Line is
08 08 16 89 111


What are volunteers?

There are a wide range of opportunities within the North Yorkshire Youth Justice Service (YJS) for volunteers to become involved and gain experience and understanding of the work carried out by the YJS.

North Yorkshire YJS has approximately 60 volunteers across the county – about 30 in the western part which includes Harrogate, Skipton and Northallerton and 30 in the east part which includes Scarborough and Selby.

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