Below are a number of current and recent examples at the North Yorkshire YJS of how the restorative justice process can be beneficial to all concerned, including the victim, the offender and the wider community. Please note; the identity of young people have been made anonymous.

Restorative Meeting a Success

The restorative meeting between Reverend Haynes and a young person who had committed offences at a Church in Scarborough was a success. The outcome of the meeting exceeded everyone’s expectations including Reverend Haynes. The young person was respectful answering all questions put to him by Rev’d Haynes. The young person fully understood the harm caused by his actions. The young person has suggested several ways to directly repair the harm caused to Rev’d Haynes and other church goers. The victim, Rev’d Haynes stated;

“I found the whole experience very beneficial and have since spoken to many of those in the church who were affected by the thefts which took place last Autumn. They are pleased that we had met and that the young man has said sorry”.

“The young man has also agreed to write a letter of apology to the congregation and make a poppy planter which we can display in the church. He has also asked to do some work to tidy up the grounds of an unconsecrated church close to where he is currently detained”.

Community Recognition for Direct Reparation

The direct reparation was completed by Sam and took place at a local shop near Harrogate. The aim of the reparation was to make amends for offences committed at the store previously.

During the reparation a member of the public, a lady who lives locally, said that the work Sam had done a few weeks previous has made a big difference to the area and thankful of the hard work shown. Once the lady had left Sam reflected that the direct reparation didn’t just make a difference to the store and workers but also to the local community. The store manager was also happy about the community feedback that Sam had received.

Reparation Changing Lives

A Young person around the Scarborough area was given an 8 month Referral Order and put under YJS supervision. During the order the young person was to undertake indirect reparation as part of his order. He planned, organised and helped run a big charity football match to raise money for a local hospice which his mother had been looked after at before sadly passing away.

Through his indirect reparation it has given the young person a lot more confidence and skills such as organisation, communication and leadership. Through his indirect reparation it has not only given him the chance to give back to the community and pay tribute to his mother, it has given him the skills to better himself now and in the future. He has plans to enrol at a local college and carry on his great progress by doing more charity work to benefit the community.

There are a wide range of opportunities within the North Yorkshire Youth Justice Service (YJS) for volunteers to become involved and gain experience and understanding of the work carried out by the YJS.

North Yorkshire YJS has approximately 60 volunteers across the county – about 30 in the western part which includes Harrogate, Skipton and Northallerton and 30 in the east part which includes Scarborough and Selby.

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